We want to eliminate all exhaust fume from cars in Amsterdam by 2030. With the Car Free Agenda, we are cutting through roads, expanding environmental zones and lowering speed limits. We are investing in electric transport and giving cyclists and pedestrians more room. We have also removed parking spaces from the streets, creating more green space and room for children to play.


In the coming years, we want to grow within the borders of Amsterdam and radically green the city. Creating more nature will protect biodiversity. The city must become a place where people can move healthily and sustainably and where residents have a say.

“ In a compact, healthy city, meeting and moving around in public space is paramount. We need space for building, green space, cyclists and pedestrians. ”


To ensure a pleasant future living environment, we are adapting the city to a changing climate. In this way, we will be able to withstand violent storms or hot summers. 'Climate adaptive construction' (klimaatadaptief bouwen) will result in neighbourhoods with plenty of green space, such as at IJburg, NDSM-werf and the former Marineterrein. In the future Port-City district, northwest of the city centre, an entire additional city park will be created.

We protect the urban green space and its inhabitants from too much concrete. For example, we want to prevent inner gardens from being overbuilt. This is important for the enjoyment of living and slowly draining water during extensive rain showers to avoid the flooding of houses and overflowing sewers. Read our position on climate-proof living here.


In our city, everyone has access to good healthcare. Fighting inequality in our health care system is our top priority, and through us now also that of the city government. We have ensured that the personal contributions for all WMO care facilities were considerably reduced. With the Amsterdam Network of Experiential Knowledge (Amsterdamse Netwerk Ervaringskennis) and the neighbourhood teams, we have brought care closer to the neighbourhood, back to the people it concerns.