We want Amsterdam to be a city where everyone has equal opportunities in housing, education and work. Regardless of background, gender, sexual orientation, political and religious beliefs or origin. Our city is no place for racism, exclusion, sexism, ethnic profiling and discrimination. Amsterdam citizens should feel safe to be themselves. We do not tolerate LGBTQ+-hate, anti-Semitism, sexism and hatred of Muslims. In Amsterdam, nobody should be ashamed of who they are, and nobody should be afraid of who they are. We will always be on the side of anyone put on the street because of their sexuality, spit on because of their headscarf, groped because of their short skirt or shown the door because of the colour of their skin.

We fight against racism and discrimination in all areas

We think that all Amsterdam citizens are equally worthy. We want to protect their dignity. GroenLinks has therefore put forward a proposal for a city pass for all Amsterdam residents, including undocumented residents. A pass that symbolises citizenship of Amsterdam and offers access to all kinds of facilities for inhabitants of Amsterdam. Similar initiatives already exist in cities such as Barcelona and New York. This pass provides an alternative form of identification for undocumented people, allowing them to walk the streets safely and gain access to medical facilities.


Sexual violence, unequal distribution of care and work, and inequality in the labour market limit women in Amsterdam in their freedom of choice and equality. GroenLinks advocates solutions to, among other things, strengthen economic independence amongst women, promote safety and combat the wage gap. We also invest in the emancipation of men and boys, as they too will benefit from a break in traditional gender roles. 

Women's march

To increase equality between genders, we must also have insight into how public money is spent and which groups benefit from it. GroenLinks is determined to invest more in this subject. Examples are the infrastructure, health care or sports facilities in the city. In Nieuw-West, together with the women's network in the district, concrete steps have been taken to strengthen the position of girls and women. There are more temporary living quarters in case of insecurity. Women's organisations are supported, and a pilot for vulnerable girls was set up together with the mayor, using a group approach to understand girls' problems better and offer adequate help.


In the discussion on the Red Light District, we are committed to improving the quality of life for residents and strengthening the position of sex workers. We advocate for more licensed workplaces for sex workers in the city, not only places in the window prostitution but also, for example, in a prostitution hotel, so that they can do their work safely.

Illustratie met een roze achtergrond, met op de voorgrond een hand met een stembiljet dat in een kliko wordt geduwd

Can i vote?

Do you live in Amsterdam? You are probably eligible to vote in these elections and we encourage you to do so!