As the Netherlands is getting warmer, Amsterdam boils over. The city is becoming warmer and drier, sometimes with extra heavy rainfall. Combating climate change is a dire necessity if the city is to remain liveable. To limit the average rise in temperature on earth, we all have to reduce CO2 emissions.


If we leave it to the market and the Dutch government, progress will be much too slow. We must make other choices immediately. As the economic engine of the Netherlands, Amsterdam can and must take the lead and show that a fossil-free economy is possible. That is why we will make sure that Amsterdam will have reduced its CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030. We want a green and healthy city for everyone who lives, works or pays a visit here.Β 

GroenLinks alderwoman Marieke van Doorninck has presented an ambitious roadmap that goes beyond all national measures to achieve this. It shows how we can set the transition from fossil to renewable energy in motion, together with residents, businesses and institutions. There are already many local initiatives for a sustainable and clean city, and they are bundled in the Amsterdam Climate Agreement. The Route Map Climate Neutral provides a complete overview of the objectives and measures for the built-up environment, transport, electricity, the port and the residential sector.

This sustainable transition will create more jobs than the fossil industry, both for knowledge workers and for people who prefer to work with their hands.