Women's March on Amsterdam 2019

GroenLinks Amsterdam loopt mee in de Women's March on Amsterdam 2019. Zet het alvast in je agenda, dan updaten we deze pagina snel met de precieze locatie. Lees hieronder de tekst (in het Engels) waarmee de organisatie deze editie introducteert. 

2019 is not just about women.

It is about all of us (f/m/x). In every way. Because all oppression is connected.

“There is no thing as a single-issue struggle, because we do not live single-issue lives", Audre Lorde wrote in 1982, speaking not just as a woman - but as a black woman, with roots deep in the Caribbean. She spoke as a lesbian, a mother, a lover, an activist, a child of immigrants, a feminist, a womanist, a scholar, a poet, and, in her words, "a warrior".

Just like you. You didn't only march with us because of your gender.

You marched for your right to be who you are - and you are not just 'one thing'.

When you stood up against harassment, you did that not just for yourself. You did that for the person next to you. For the loved ones in your life who have been violated in the streets, or clubs, or their own homes and schools.

When you yelled 'MY BODY MY RIGHTS', you made it clear you have the right to share it with whoever you want - for pleasure, not pain. And that they (f/m/x) have those same rights as you do. Including living without fear, with respect, equal pay and having the same right to justice regardless of skin color, income, religion or ability.

Our rights are not up for negotiation.

When people beat someone down - either a trans woman with their fists, a teenager wearing hijab, or a black man with their words -, it's an assault on all of our rights. That’s why we’re taking to the streets. Not to be ‘a voice for someone’ – but to amplify voices.

When our voices are welcomed or heard more than someone else’s voice, we have a responsibility to step up. We acknowledge that, and we stand firmly with and behind all of the progressive activist voices in the Netherlands. We're all in this together - so let's be heard as one voice, but represented by all of us.

Unapologetically feminist, anti-racist and inclusive. That's what 2019 is about. Get ready; we did not come to play.